Welcome to Bethel Christian Center.   We are a non-denominational, full-gospel church located in Reo, Indiana.  Our desire and mission is to connect people to God and His Word and to partner with them to fulfill His plan for their life.  We would like to invite you to join us in this mission and journey to know more of His love for each and every person.

Service Schedule

We would like to welcome you to join us during any of our times of meeting as we gather together in His name.

Sunday School          9:00 AM
      Service          9:40 AM
      Evening          6:30 PM
Monday Prayer          6:30 PM
Tues. Bible Study     10:00 AM *
Wed. Service           6:30 PM
Thurs. Men's Prayer    6:30 PM
Friday Prayer          6:30 PM

Morning Bible Study & Coffee 
                 Monday - Saturday 5:15 AM

* - Meets at "My Neighbor's Place" which is the
    house located to the left of the church lane.



We would love to hear, help and serve you in life’s journey.   Please feel free to contact us in any of the following manners:

Church Phone:     812 649-4426
       Email:     office@bethelcc.us

Sr. Pastor:       watchman2002@hotmail.com
Assoc. Pastor:    markphillips@bethelcc.us

Mailing Address:  Bethel Christian Center
                  PO Box 174
                  Rockport, IN  47635

Shipping Address: 996 N North Reo Drive
                  Rockport, IN 47635

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